Trucking & hauling handling since 1977

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No matter what your load is, our top of the line vehicles can haul anything from sugar cane to scrap metal througout the US.
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Site Work

Arabie Trucking has the experience, manpower and equipment to provide site work for your next project including excavation and hauling.
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Oil Field Services

When local experience matters, Arabie Trucking provides a special list of trucking services for the oil industry to help you remain fully compliant.
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About Us

Find out more about Arabie Trucking including who we are and our commitment to the local community.

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Arabie Trucking Company

Full Service Trucking & Hauling Services for South Louisiana

When it’s time to hire a Louisiana trucking company to haul your cargo or to do your site work, there’s one qualification far more important than any other: a track record. Why is a track record so important? First, Arabie Trucking has been in business for over 30 years and proven that we can deliver. Second, we know how to get the job done in full compliance with all state and national regulations. Third, we provide value to our customers which keep them coming back.

No matter what your cargo may be, you want a company that has proven itself to the industry time and time again. If you’re looking for just such a company in South Louisiana, the company to call is Arabie Trucking.

Arabie Trucking Delivers

No matter what your product or cargo might be, Arabie Trucking performs:

  • We can handle both your hauling and site work needs with a comprehensive selection of equipment
  • No matter what you need hauling, Arabie Trucking has the personnel and equipment to accommodate you
  • You can feel assured by our strive for a top safety record among Louisiana firms
  • We can go where you need us in the 48 contiguous states
  • You will enjoy the value of equipment that has been rigorously maintained
  • We have a hazardous waste permit, LPSC authority
  • Our services can scale up to meet more demand as needed

Arabie Trucking is also a proud member of the Louisiana Motor Transport Association. Visit their website to learn more about this great organization.

Thank you for getting this job done and done right. No injuries or accidents, ahead of schedule and budget, excellent communications and great attitude. It has been my personal pleasure to work with you gentlemen and I am grateful for your efforts.

John Burns

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